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Amir Jahari - Penghibur Jalanan

Amir Jahari

The album contains 7 original tracks penned by Amir that includes the 2 hit singles "Tanpamu" and "Penghibur Jalanan". Two bonus tracks featuring singles "Tanpamu" and "Gelisah" in acoustic versions are also included to showcase Amir's ecelectic skills in ability in performing Live in raw setting. The packaging of the album was closely designed and crafted to represent Amir's notebook in order to show the true essence of each song on when and how it was composed from Amir's heart. Interactivity was placed in as well in a form of games that best represents Amir's youthful journey in life, thus inviting his fans to treat the album as a basic ground on triggering creativity and sense of fun in appreciating talent and music through all of Amir's compositions.